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Download demo of your choice: SuperClip, QuikScripts, Probe, SecureShare. Use the software for 30 days at no cost or obligation.

SuperClip allows you to save images from any source on one convenient clipboard. Convert images from one type to another for your use. SuperClip allows you also to capture screens, copy windows and ... >>


QuikScripts is a word expansion tool designed to help production typists and transcriptionists increase their productivity (and earnings) by saving keystrokes.
QuikScripts allows you to create...>>


Probe provides extensive tools for rendering, enhancing, analyzing and annotating 3D rendered images. Probe can also ...>>


SecureShare for end users allows one or more users to backup and share documents securely and reliably from any host computer. Users simply point the background Java routine at the directories to be maintained and/or shared and the program continues to do so without limit (including automatically moving the backup when one of the multiple ISP's are no longer available and notifying and purging the old versions when the net storage limits are approached to a user defined limit). >>






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